Maintaining a corner lot with over 300’ of curb that requires edging about every two weeks was becoming a back killer with a heavy 4 cycle line trimmer. After reviewing many other trimmer support designs on line, I settled on the Trimmer Caddy features illustrated in the demonstration video. Arriving quickly by USPS Priority Mail allowed me to install and test the Caddy in only a few days after ordering through Amazon. Design, quality and features were exactly or better than described. Easy to install and adjust with the finger knobs and geared pitch mount. Took only a few fine adjustments to get the proper position, angles and height to comfortably start edging. Edged the entire length of curbing in about 5 minutes with outstanding straight-line results. The spring loaded big swivel wheel allowed me to edge by walking and rolling on the grass side, rather than walking out in the street like usual. Did find that the wheel tracked better for edging when holding the trimmer in a pull position instead of the normal push position. No usual arm, shoulder or back pain from edging, since I had positioned the Caddy on the trimmer shaft where it carried most of the trimmer weight.  Melvin G. (Indiana)

Very pleased with this product Great Idea! An inexpensive solution to string trimmer exhaustion. I used to think I would trim till the battery got weaker but it always outlasted me! And as I got older (72), it became even more cumbersome but I did not want to spend a lot for a small mower for a part-time house. This single wheel helps so much. It is large and easily goes over the many exposed roots and other obstacles in my yard, it swivels freely to accommodate side-to-side motion. It took me five minutes to unpack and assemble, five minutes to get used to the feel of it, and ten minutes to clear a section of yard that would have taken two 10-15 minute sessions otherwise and the machine battery was noticeably tired before I was! An unexpected benefit was that the upright portion of the wheel rod makes a much better handhold than the one that is on the trimmer so even if I lift it to go sideways around something, it is not a problem, even with the extra weight of the wheel. They shipped it fast so I got it in three days!   Cornelia B. (Pennsylvania)

We purchased this for my grandfather with the hope it would enable him to be able to continue trimming his own yard, he absolutely loves it! And we love that it is helping him to remain independent.  Gregg V. (Louisiana)

My husband has had trouble swinging the weed-eater from side to side since he's grown older and this has fit the bill. He wishes we had found this long before now.  Ann N. (Arizona)

This Trimmer Caddy invention hit’s a hole in one as far I am concerned. If weed eating hurts your back, this attachment is what you're looking for. That's not to say that it makes the job easier. Hiring the kid next door will make it easier. This attachment lets the weight rest on the wheel. What I have found is that you do not use your waist to swing the weed eater back and forth, That's the part that kills my back. Now I use my arms to maneuver it back and forth. My arms were a little sore the first few times, but my back was so happy. Now my arms are stronger and my back doesn’t hurt as much.

This attachment isn't a free meal ticket. It doesn’t make the job easier. It just lets your arms do more of the work and your back less. I researched all the different caddies available and thought about making my own, but the easy to use, ratcheting adjuster (made out of heavy aluminum casting, with an adjustable spring) makes this worth the price.   Doc B. (Kentucky)

So we got this for my grandpa because he started having a hard time doing the weed eating, he called me earlier and said he absolutely LOVES it! This is going to help him keep from being dependent on someone else to do it for him. Thanks for an awesome product :)   Rachel G. (Minnesota)

Great product for to lessen the arm pump that one may get from the vibrations of using your weedeater. With the added support and control that this attachment provides the weight is transferred to the wheel rather than your hands of a strap if your eater has one. Recommended uses for the residential home owner to have the control of their machine to give a even cut giving your lawn that professional manicured look. Victor E. Minnesota

The trimmer caddy is awesome. ..thanks Brant Florida

My husband is 66 and has been having difficulty trimming the entire, fenced in back yard which is over an acre of up and down hill. I bought him this and hoped it would help.He is tall and has an extra long trimmer, with a curved end. He says it was a little difficult to get used to, he thinks that will take time to get it exactly right, but he was very pleased to note that he made it around the entire fenced area. Actually, he looked a bit surprised.Get product for those that have a hard time holding the trimmers up for long periods of time. Laureen B. Tennessee

I bought this for my brother and sister who have severe back problems. This attachment allows them to continue being independent and useful. Works great Kailey V. Missouri

Great product to use. I got one for my Grandpa over a month ago. He still uses the older heavier metal detectors. It became to heavy for him to use on his back so he put it away. I could have got a lighter metal detector but he believes in the "not broke don't fix it". The Trimmer Caddy helped out the best of both worlds. Now he uses it almost daily. Although he may not have found a pot of gold he has lost weight from walking around more. The doctors say he is in great shape. I couldn't be happier with it's performance. Cameron P. Arkansas

Good customer service... Cinnamon O. Utah

An excellent attachment for trimmer that is heavy. Help prevent back aches from lifting the trimmer. If you do your own yard work, consider making this purchase. Dona T. Louisiana

This thing is nice!!! A couple of years ago I had to have rotator cuff surgery on my shoulder, and I have not been able to do my lawn trimming since then. I've been paying to have my lawn done each week but they don,t do as good of a job as Iuse to do it. When I saw this Trimmer Caddy product I thought I might give it a try, and I am so glad that I did. It was so quick, and simple to attach to my trimmer, I was able be outside trimming my lawn within five minutes after taking it out of the box. I absolutely love this product, and would highly recommend it to anyone who has had shoulder surgery, or anyone who wants to prevent shoulder, or back pain. This thing really dose work very well... Gwen K. Arkansas

Wow! great every single thing. get you one. I mean it. You will be old one day too, and they might not have these then. You'll be sorry. Jerry T. Alabama

My parents love this item. Linda J. North Carolina

FINALLY! A true help for weed trimmers! The Caddy arrived and has been used a lot! It is well made and very sturdy. Great price for an EXCELLENT PRODUCT. Thanks! And, your service is perfect. Marian Hanson, Gig Harbor, WA

The trimmer caddy is wonderful! It saves your back, and works great on any size weedeater! Everyone who uses a weedeater really needs this trimmercaddy!   S. Blackburn Attica, IN 

This implement has been a life saver for this 65 year old lady...I was  unsure as to whether I could continue my yard work...lifting a gas  trimmer was no longer an option...with this attachment...weedeating is  a breeze...thank you for the freedom of being able to do my own yard  work. Ann Devine  




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